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Nesy Nou is an Ottawa based fashion brand founded by Nesrine El Hassan. Her goal for the brand is to eliminate common stereotypes about fashion and illuminate the artistic and altruistic side of fashion. She believes an outfit can be a tool to tell a story or to reminisce, to remind us of a past event. “Today, I might wear a 3 quarter hemline dress, pair it with high heels, and demand my presence as the true lady I am. Tomorrow I might want to dress in a top with dungarees and climb a tree with a book. Fashion can do that. It can command a presence, paint a picture, and recall a time. I want to explore that with Nesy Nou.” – says Nesrine.


Nesy Nou aspires to be a reminder of how beautiful it is to be altruistic; to put others’ needs before ours, even if it is just by influencing or provoking a thought. Just like art, with fashion it’s very easy to take a step back and let others enjoy the presence of each piece, every color and every stitch and what it stands for. Nesy Nou evolves at the core value of balancing improving lifestyles and wellness while keeping in mind preserving natural resources and the environment.

For our sweaters, we use Eco smart fleece sweaters that are made out of recycled plastic bottles and are still soft and comfortable.


The name Nesy Nou comes from the founder Nesrine’s nickname, Nesy. Growing up, the name Nesrine was too hard to pronounce. Therefore, Nesrine mostly used her nickname as her first name. Nou was created by Nesrine to remind herself “No One’s you”. No one is like you. Everyone is exceptional in his/her own way and a reminder to embrace our uniqueness in how we affect the world by simply being ourselves.

Designer and founder of Nesy Nou, Nesrine El Hassan, explains the inspiration behind the brand.

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